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    Anna Morales

    Hi Tracey, wishing you and your family well during these challenging times.  I was informed here is where i submit end of the year families certificates. 

    This is a list of my home base families


    Emma Gutierrez 2 years

    Aaron Rodriquez 2 years

    Samantha Jimenez 3 years

    Abigail Jimenez 3 years


    Caleb Garcia 2 years

    Alina Armienta 2 years

    Aiden D. Vasquez 1 year

    Mateo E. Chavez 1 year

    Emiliano M. Ayala 1 year

    Julissa Bradshaw 1 year

    Samson English 1 year

    Thank you, if i can have them ready by June 5.20

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